Updates to Roadmap

Why a blog

We’re not going to promise something like “new blog post every week” or anything like that, but sometimes we feel the need to go a bit more in depth about subjects. We might want to dive into intricate implementation details of a system, do other kinds of developer highlights or just ramble a bit. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, and some people enjoy the written word more than the spoken.

The release of Satisfactory

It took us more or less 3 years but we finally launched the game in March and the reception is everything we hoped for and more. I’m so proud over the team that managed to deliver this baby of ours in the state it was. It has been astonishing to see all the huge factory complexes that you all have created in the last couple of months. This is in no way the end of the line as we still have loads of content and ideas that we want to implement in the game, especially now with all great suggestions and feedback you’ve provided!

Updates to roadmap

I really wish we could have given you more sooner but as it looks right now much of the features that we’ve laid out on our road map is going to be pushed back a bit. So why is that? Well, game development is a living thing and we have to deal with the unexpected most of the time. If you follow the industry there have been many people reporting bad working conditions where the developers are expected to crunch. A lot. And even if it wasn’t mandatory we did work lots of overtime ourselves before the release to be able to deliver the best experience possible. It did take its toll as well, as many in the team were in dire need of some time off coupled with just letting life catch up again. This is the first game we release in Early Access and we are learning the ropes as we go.

Seeing as this update is a couple of weeks late, the next big update is planned for the end of June. We really want to give you the ability to build majestic train networks before we go into the Swedish summer holiday season.

We’re still figuring out our update schedule and how often we can and should update the game. Our road map will never be any hard promises or deadlines but a way for us to communicate our ambitions and plans. But believe me when I say that every member here is working hard to deliver what we’ve said.

Satisfactory is a big and complex game and it is played in many different ways. We’re starting to see patterns of player types and will try to accommodate each and everyone with each update. We knew one could spend a lot of time in the game just reaching the final tiers, but we didn’t thought players would reach it that quick! We naïvely thought that it might be enough, but it seems like it isn’t. We’re spending time and effort now on figuring out how we can enrichen the game to give those that want more. So it’s about building the game, not only broader, but deeper as well.

We also want to improve our workflow which means we might be working on things that aren’t visible to you all the time, but will help us in the long run with providing you with better and more stable updates. Lastly, I believe having a balanced work/life relationship is important and something I want us to thrive for here at Coffee Stain. We’re in this for the long run, and we will deliver the best experience we can.


We made a rough pass on several languages in time for the release just to have something for all of you who prefer other languages than English. But our goal has always been to have our localization community driven. Now we have it! Go here to start translating: https://bit.ly/2WJVeZF.