Save Files & Cloud Saves

Hey, Coffee Stain, Snutt here.

Tim Sweeney called me last night, truly tremendous guy, and said ‘let’s get cloud saves to Satisfactory back to the table’, so we’ll be getting back to the table and I think he’s going to make sure that Satisfactory supports that. Truly tremendous guy.

So yeah, cloud saves is something we’ve been wanting to support for a long time. We’re hoping to roll this feature out alongside some other bug fixes next week but before we do this, there are a few things that we feel are important to inform you all about in regards to the future of save files.

Before reading on, I urge you to BACKUP YOUR SAVES!

Up until this point, all our save files have been uncompressed, and stored in a folder located under %localappdata%\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames\. We’ve let the save files be uncompressed because it’s easier for us to work with, not having an extra step of complexity. 

But, as you may have noticed, when playing for a long time, the file size of your save files can get quite large. It might feel good, seeing your majestic base take up a file size of 400 MB and upwards, but it’s not really ideal for your poor hard drive. 

When it comes to cloud sync, there tends to be a data limit per user. The Launcher-that-shall-not-be-named for example typically has 1 GB per user and 100 MB per file limit. As of writing, Epic hasn’t figured out exactly what theirs is going to be yet, but regardless, this is something we have to keep in mind.

So long story short, we’re now compressing our save files. 

Another thing we needed to do in order to accommodate cloud saves is to change our folder structure. Right now all save files are stored in the same folder. Because cloud saves are synchronized on a per user level, our save files also need to be organized per epic user. 

Subsequently, save files that aren’t associated with any user id will be placed in a common folder until they are associated with one. By default, all save files will be migrated to this folder until you’ve either created a new save file or re-saved them while being logged in as a valid epic user.

So what you need to do is boot up your save file, and then save in the new version of the game (preferably save as a new file, not overwriting your old one) for it to be compressed and ready for cloud sync! 

Are the new save files supported in an older version of the game?

No. Once they’re compressed you can’t load them in older versions of the game. So if you want to switch back from Experimental to Early Access build you need to backup your saves!!!

Will this fix the stutter when saving?

Unfortunately not. The largest portion of time taken during save is when we serialize the world so that we can write it to file. Now that we’re compressing the file as well we add a little time for that, but we also save some time not having to write as much data to disk so there should be no noticeable difference. You may see some save/load time improvement based on your hard drive. However, we do have plans to optimize save time in the future.

How do I cloud sync?

This is handled in the launcher every time you launch the game. As mentioned above it will only sync files present in the folder corresponding to your epic user ID.

Can I disable cloud saves for Satisfactory?

Yes. You’ll have the option to disable cloud saves in the Epic Games Launcher.

In what version of the game is the new save format introduced?

Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.2.1.13 - Build 105818

I’m playing from a different account, why can’t I see my save files in-game anymore? 

You will only be able to load save files that are present in your epic ID folder. If you log in to another account, the save files in the previous account will not be visible until you move them to the corresponding folder.

There is one exception, and that is if you play offline. Then you will be able to load save files from the last logged in user.



Are there any known issues?

If you still have save files stored in the old save directory located in \Documents\My Games\FactoryGame\SaveGame\ then I urge you to remove them from this folder. 

Back when we launched early access some people had issues with Windows blocking the game saving to that location, so we switched it. If there are still files present in that folder it can cause issues when we’re migrating save files between different versions of the game.



  2. Make sure you no longer have any lingering saves in \Documents\My Games\FactoryGame\SaveGame\

  3. Boot up the game in the new version

  4. Double check that you’re logged in (Check in bottom left corner in Main Menu)

  5. Load up a session

  6. Save your game

  7. Et voilà!