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an Introduction

This introduction has been brought to you by my personal assistant Steve.
Signed by: Caterina Parks, CEO of FICSIT Inc.

Welcome to FICSIT Incorporated! A company specialised in the research, development and application of new technology and science, anything to find short-term solutions to long-term problems! As part of our brand-new Save The Day program, you’ll be sent to one of many alien planets in an effort to contribute to Project Assembly, a project I am legally bound to not tell you anything about for fear of our lives. And my job.

As an engineer and pioneer, you won’t only be constructing and automating the very factory that will contribute to Project Assembly, but also explore and exploit the planet and its inhabitants as you expand. Don’t worry, we’re super inclusive when it comes to alien lifeforms! We’ll even allow for pets, how cool is that!? Just don’t tell R&D.

Below you can find the three main pillars of your mission! Time to get to work, and Stay Effective!*

*This motto is FICSIT Inc. property. Please do not use ironically.



To achieve company milestones according to satisfaction we expect you to construct your FICSIT Inc. factory in such a way that it allows for easy expansion and complexion. Not only will buildings grow more complex over time, so will the parts they produce. Project Assembly isn’t your average high-school science project. We’re making history here! Go big or go home!* Of course, this requires both high-level and low-level power management, good luck getting to nuclear! We even support stuff like multi-floor warehouses so you can stack your buildings, and a whole bunch of navigational constructs like jump pads and walkways! Walkways are the best. They’re attached to the ground and everything.

*Employee will be expected to fund their own travel expenses.

These three buildings are only a fraction of the technology you’ll have access to! So long as you follow the Pioneering Tiered Schematics Directive, naturally.



So you know how your FICSIT Inc. factory can be turned into this incredibly intricate maze of conveyor belts in every direction, merging, splitting, crossing each other above and below? Conveyor belts carry, after all, the life-blood of our company! Well, since you’ll be in a pretty big area you’re going to need outposts. To make your life easier, we’ve developed self-driving trucks and trains so you can set up your very own transport system between any point in your area!

1: The process From Ore to IngotTM

2: How To Make One Part Out Of Another™

3: How To Make One Complex Part Out Of Two Slightly Less Complex Parts, Which Previously Were Even More Even Less Complex Parts, But We’re Currently Skipping That Step Because It Is EasierTM


Explore & ExploitTM

R&D hasn’t figured out how to clone materials yet, weirdly enough, so you’re going to have to go out and use our patented method of extraterrestrial pioneering! This means exploring to find more or new stuff to exploit, to help expand your FICSIT Inc. factory. You’re on an uncharted alien planet, so try to be careful, don’t go alone if you don’t have to, and use protection! Who knows what kind of organisms have made this place their home? Or who knows what awesome treasures you’ll find? Don’t worry, this is why we assigned you your very own FICSIT Inc. handler.

These are examples of tools you will be able to construct depending on your own demands and needs. Survival kits are for scouts, you are true pioneers!




Is Satisfactory a lizard doggo simulator?

Not really but if you want to play it that way, you can. But you’ll probably find the game to be less than Satisfactory in this case.

Did you even try on this game or is this another Goat Simulator?

Hey we tried on Goat Simulator. But we tried harder on this game.

Where is the next Goat Simulator DLC? Or Sanctum 3?

*places finger over lips* Shhhhhh.

What is Satisfactory about?

Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet tasked to complete ‘Project Assembly’ - a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!

Are there multiple procedurally generated planets?

No, there are no procedurally generated planets. Just one beautifully crafted, hand-made, 100% organic, vegan, GMO-free planet.

Actually, it’s not even a whole planet. It’s just a small bit. But it’s still pretty big, 30km2. That means about 5.4x5.4km.

Is there combat in the game?


Is Satisfactory multiplayer?

Yes. We officially support 1-4 players, but we are not limiting it at the moment. This might change but if you want to try more than 4 players then go for it. If it crashes it’s you or Simon’s fault. @SBegby on Twitter.

What platform will Satisfactory be released on?

At the moment it’ll be on Windows. But who knows what the future brings.

When will it be out?

We missed our Alpha deadline in May so... dunno. Probably this year. But who knows, really. We won’t release it until we are happy with it.

Will there be mod support?

This is something we have seriously considered but are instead focusing on getting the game finished and running smoothly. Mod support may be added in the future.

Is this game going to keep being delayed?

No. But every time it is delayed it would most likely be Simon's fault. In fact, all delays are Simon's fault. @SBegby on Twitter.

How much will it be?

I don’t think we’ve decided that yet.

Does Satisfactory have gamepad support?

I think so. Stefan knows but he isn’t here at the moment and I’ll forget to ask him later. @stefan_hanna on Twitter.

Coffee Stain has a lot of studios under its publishing arm. Which studio made this?

It’s true! We work with a lot of great studios under Coffee Stain Publishing. But this game was made by the OG Coffee Stain Studios. The same studio that created the Sanctum and Goat Simulator franchises.

How long have you been working on Satisfactory?

More than 2.5 years.

The spider things creeped me out. I’m arachnophobic and can’t play games with spiders in them. Does that mean I can’t play the game?

You can. I’m also arachnophobic. So I made an “Arachnophobia Mode” which turns the spiders into cute cat sprites. I spent two hours on it so it looks terrible, but at least they aren’t spiders anymore. But I guess you probably shouldn’t watch the trailer again.

Can I follow Satisfactory online?

Sure can!





Community Manager:

I need a complete online Satisfactory encyclopedia. And it better be updated frequently. Do you lazy devs even care about something like that?

No, we don't. Absolutely not. However, you could check out our 100% Community-run wiki! They care way more than we do.

This FAQ was amazing. The best I’ve ever read. Can I follow the Community Manager who wrote this on Social Media?

You bet! @jembawls on Twitter. I don’t always talk about games but I could really use the validation. Also I’ll do my best to answer questions etc.

This FAQ wasn’t actually amazing.

Simon’s fault.